Kenny has spent over 26( starting at age 10) years working in sales and marketing positions internationally. Prior to Madden Acquisitions Mr. Madden held various sales & marketing positions at a number of companies including, selling lost golf balls Mr Patel’s papershop, Bouncer of a Hardware store, WH Smith’s, Principles for Men, oil trader, Cornhill Publications, Harrods,The National Gallery – London, ComputerPeople (Ajilon consulting), Coca Cola Enterprises, Computer Associates, Motive, Inc, MessageOne ,AlterPoint, ONnetworks and currently at Spiceworks. He has extensive experience in sales development, lead generation, lead development, lead management and overall strategic marketing. He is also credited with successfully implementing a lead generation, lead development, account penetration marketing program with responsibility for North America, EMEA, APAC, Americas and Japan. Mr. Madden earned a bachelor’s degree in Fine Art, Philosophy and the history of Art from the University of Reading, Berkshire in the United Kingdom. He currently resides in Austin TX with his wife, son and daughter. I can be contacted at kennymadden1973@yahoo.com

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